Your Boy Is Back With Trade Reviews ;)


I’ve got a nice little trade review for you from yours truly. 😉

It’s an example of how to manage a balanced day…

…And sticking with our bias!

See How I Bagged $800 Here

One of the things I preach about trading is staying in our lane and knowing what we are looking for.

In this trade, I wanted to see the initial balance low get taken, and then it made a double bottom.

This only added fuel to the fire.

I was very confident that the market would take out these twin lows and lock me in a nice profit. 😉

I managed the trade by exiting and taking a better entry with larger size…

Ending in me taking profits once the lows got hit and adding $800 to my brokerage account balance.

Now, if you’re wanting to double down on your trading just like I did on this trade, you need to get away from being a lone wolf.

I’ll guide you personally into being a profitable trader as you trade live alongside me.

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Happy Trading,


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