Why “Trading Knowledge” Alone Will Never Get You Profitable


Got another trade review for you from my student Chris today.

A very effective short that quickly netted Chris $397.5.


You can see he joined the trend using the principles I expound on the Profile Method.

No second guessing or gambling – just executing a clear game plan.

That’s how trading should be.

And even though there is a ton of free information out there on the technicals of trading…

(although less so with the volume profile)…

There aren’t millions of profitable day traders (yet).

Why do you think that is, {{contact.first_name}}?

I believe it’s because trading is split into two parts… the knowledge and the execution.

And the art of executing is a very different skill, one that can only be honed in close proximity to a master.

Just like an apprentice blacksmith learns his craft firsthand…

It’s the same with trading!

So if you’re ready to improve and turn your trading into a successful venture…

Hit up the Team Tradacc Hotline and we’ll get you situated.

People who should call include: aspiring new traders, traders with no system…

And traders who just can’t stop breaking their rules!

I’ll see you inside my community and we’ll journey to the top.

Happy Trading,


P.S. Matt’s 3k Apex Withdrawal came through, what a pretty sight!

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