The Game-Changing Post-Market Rituals of Pro Trades | SUPERCUT 6


Wouldn’t it be wonderful is trading was super easy?

Just click a few buttons and roll in the money.

Well {{contact.first_name}}, the reason trading’s hard is because if it were easy everyone would do it.

But what separates the hobbyist gambler from the successful trader?

Let’s ask our expert panel! 😉

Watch Trade Reviews & Reflections: Game-Changing Post-Market Rituals of PROS | SUPERCUT 6

In the video above you’ll learn:

  • The secret to get into the habit of journalling
  • Why it’s imperative to build from strengths and not only weaknesses
  • The only reason to use market replay
  • Why your goals should be process based
  • Creating an action plan for next day
  • Fat Cat’s visualization process and self-hypnosis
  • Maximize trading performance by doing this one thing every day
  • PAX’s tip for work-from-home traders to ensure maximum focus
  • Why Al Brooks check each candlestick at the end of the day
  • Josh Schuler’s secret for extremely detailed trade notes
  • Moritz’s “feedback loop” method for rapid improvement
  • The special reason Brad Jelink colors his trade entries

Another action-packed episode with lots of goodies to glean.


Your boy,


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