Textbook Trades and the Power of Compounding


Happy Thursday!

Today I’ve got a textboox trade for you from Chris, who banked $334 with micros on this trade.

Chris scaled out at 4.5, 6.5, and 11.25 points with his MES position…

…To put that in perspective a single full size contract moving 11 points in your favor generates $550!

So this was a killer trade!

{{contact.first_name}}, what separates the neophyte trader from the intermediate?

It’s quite simple…

Knowing your bread-and-butter setups!

Having the discipline to follow through with your trading plan and grow your equity…

That’s the difference between intermediate (breakeven) and advanced (profitable)!

So if you wanna go from zero to hero…

Mr “What-am-i-looking-at?” to Mr “Advanced”…

Jump on a call with my team.

They’ll enlighten you on what my Profile Method coaching consists of…

And see if now’s the time for you to hunker down and study.

Once you get this skill of trading down, you’ll be in a completely new reality.

Your boy,


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