Live Coaching With Korbs!


As you know, part of the Profile Method includes trading live with me and a weekly QnA session.

But what does that look like?

It’s time for me to peel back the curtain. 😉

Here’s my most recent QnA where Naomi asked a sequence of questions she really wanted help with.

Stuff that other coaches would shrug off and effectively say “solve it yourself… you bought my course, now good luck.”

But your boy has your back. 😉

Any trading question that comes up after going through the material… I’ll provide you with in depth answers.

It can be more technical questions like Naomi…

Or more psychological questions like Rob had about taking his trades off too early.

The QnA is where you refine your strategy and take your place as a pro trader.

Click here to schedule a call with my team and join the Profile Method Community.

Happy Trading,


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