Korbs’ Student Interviewed – 250K Funded Account


Jubilations this fine Tuesday.

Speaking of Jubilations…

I got an interview for you, hot off the press, from none other than Matt Holmstrom!

Matt joined my coaching less than three months ago…

And in a little over 3 weeks managed to get funded with Topstep and Apex utilising his training (proof below)!

Now he’s pulling profits out of Apex’s coffers…

Hopefully, Topsteps soon too!

My team interviewed him on his experience and future goals.

Check the video out.

This is the stuff that makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

I’m really proud of how quickly Matthew has taken to the Method.

But let’s cut to the chase!

Do you want to follow in Matt’s footsteps?

You can discuss joining the Tradacc Community as part of your trading biz plan with my team over at this here link.

Your future self thanks you already 😉

In other news…

If you’re on the screens today…

I wish you a very happy trading. 🙂

And one more thing I probably should mention…

Brand new traders should invest in my Profile Formula.

This is the basic course that Matthew went through before diving in deep with me 1on1 in personal training.

It’s the best place to start with my trading principles.

Talk soon,

Your boy,


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