Deep Trading-Mastery Insights With Anne-Marie Baiynd

Happy Friday!

Are you ready to refine your trading?!

I’ve got just the thing!

Me and Anne-Marie Baiynd of The Trading Book…

We just released an epic podcast…

On how to get to that place…

Where you’re drinkin’ from the gravy train on a monthly basis!

Watch the All-New Speculators Podcast With Anne-Marie Here

To use a cliche  – we dove deep!

Here are some highlights:

  • Effects of crazy algo “language scanners” during news events
  • Should you be a mean reversion or trend follower
  • Knowing your strengths
  • Overcoming plateaus
  • How to maintain focus during intraday trading
  • Favorite trading software
  • Why Price Action is king
  • Using Option Analytics
  • The hidden power of “Call Walls”
  • Managing risk around levels, accepting being wrong
  • The “High-School” frame of viewing the markets
  • How long after the open to simply watch and observe
  • Favorite product and timeframe
  • Why there have been more men in trading
  • Anne-Maries’s tip for women to increase their confidence
  • The role of remaining a student of the game
  • Synergising your trading strategy from multiple sources
  • Letting the market be your teacher and asking “what’s the lesson?”
  • Not letting performance affect your self image (positive and negative)
  • Managing stop losses based on market structure
  • Do you actually trading your strategy or do you keep breaking your rules…

All in all, it was a great podcast!

I’m very thankful to have such intelligent guests like Anne-Marie on my show.

Tune in and enjoy!

Talk more soon.

Your boy,


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