Brannigan Barrett Drops Bombshell Risk-Management Advice


I’ve got a spectacular podcast for you with Brannigan Barrett.

Mr Barrett dropped absolute bombshell advice to all traders out there.

This is one of my best podcasts yet, discussing all things risk management.

The Most DISRESPECTED Aspect of Trading You Can’t Afford to Get Wrong ft. Brannigan Barrett | EP 50 | VIEW HERE

Are you ready for a bounteous feast of trading knowledge?

Dive in:

  • The impact of iteration and finding what works for you
  • Why risk management is not talked about enough (hint: marketing)
  • How real prop firms manage risk – “I’ll kick your ass if you lose!”
  • The secret to outsized days that retail don’t know about
  • The 4 phases of a trader (from covering costs to pushing hard)
  • Why risk exposure is ultimately a personal thing
  • What should a new trader’s risk % be per trade/day
  • The advantage intraday traders have that protects their accounts
  • Building skills and safeguarding your new account
  • Understanding your objectives vs your balance (realism)
  • How pro risk managers focus more on consistency not some optimal risk formula
  • Ultimate way to recover from drawdown
  • Why traders get emotional after losses and how to avoid it completely
  • Hidden survival method when the markets “aren’t making sense.”
  • Two powerful techniques to avoid both Tilt AND Euphoria!

I loved Brannigan’s very refreshing take on this topic.

Usually, risk management advice precludes slowing traders down with cookie-cooker advice.

Brannigan reveals the roadmap to go from building your trading foundations…

…Before ascending the pyramid in a really smart way!

You will love this one. 😉

Your boy,


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